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Sub-Terra Resistance Volume 1 is here. 
CDs Shipping now.

Digital release Live on Beatport.

Listen on Spotify.

This debut cross-label collaborative compilation release features two CDs of sheer power and drive. Every single track has been created exclusively for the labels they represent, and mixed live by two founding members of the movement to ensure a perfect representation of the underground music we live for. 

CD 1 - Mixed by Tasso - Representing No Remorse

CD 2 - Mixed by EverLight - Representing BlackNet

The launch of our debut compilation includes an unforgettable collection of bonuses.

VERY Limited copies. Do not miss out. 


Sub-Terra Resistance Volume 1 - CD & Digital

  • 2 CD digipak with 4 page booklet.

  • Exclusive Sub-Terra Resistance sticker.

  • FREE MP3 digital delivery of compilation*


*A link to download the digital files will be sent to the email provided at checkout. It will include both full mixes as two separate files, and split files of each individual track for your convenience. 


CD 1 - Tasso

Rich Campbell - Rave Elation
Smith and brown - Tectonic
Tasso & Pulse Code - Interference 
Project 8 - No Man’s Land 
Laura may - Want it
Jackob Roenald & Olschevski - Consciousness
Tasso - Attrition (Paul Denton remix)
Ryan K - Caesium
Audorn - Big Bad City (Tasso Edit)
Forza:Duo & Pete Delete - Freak The Funk
Tasso - Just This
Shugz - The Lich
Pulse code - Destination Berlin
Matty Ralph - Cosmic Insight
Renegade System - Flintstone
Marty Cassidy - Elysium
Iain M - Frequency 
Jay Walton & Swainy - Resilience


CD 2 - EverLight

Project 8 - Infected
Project 8 - XX
Jackob Rocksonn - Tribal Festival
R.E.L.O.A.D. - Black Heart
Blashear - Red Dagger
Kriess Guyte - Fantazia
Peetu S - Troublemaker
Felix R - Indigo
Zach Zlov & Enrique Calvetty - La Mula
Smith & Brown - Tardus
R.E.L.O.A.D. - Teen Ghost
Latex Zebra and Chris Coles - Brain Wave
EverLight feat Diadu - Bleed 
Mark Mulvaney - Whistler
PSYB3R - La Résistance
PSYB3R & 2Scoops - Acid Rave
Black XS & MAAT feat. Gamaya - Forces Of Nature


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